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Hope Has 4 Paws

The highest priority of DogsforSASurvivors is to raise money for Sadie. Our heart is to continue to raise money and establish a foundation to offer financial assistance and educational resources to SA survivors seeking a professionally trained service dog or support dog.

January 2021, Sadie was 15 and missing. She experienced extreme physical, mental, and emotional trauma during those days, including excessive sexual assaults. After many months of therapy and a lot of hard work, she is taking steps towards independent life with dreams of pursuing college, living on her own, and traveling. Sadie's ability to pursue these normal life experiences is now dependent on financing a professionally trained service dog.

We have discovered through this long, involved journey that many others need support.

The road to healing after SA is done in silence. It involves lasting limitations in life and is expensive.

Almost two years later, Sadie is still in intensive trauma therapy with an amazing care team. She is working towards living an independent life. A professionally trained service dog will help Sadie be able to move on in life.


As we researched, we discovered:

  • The average cost for a professionally trained service dog is $20,000 - $30,000.

  • There are not many services available to support SA survivors seeking service dogs.

  • There are very few (if any) dog trainers who specialize in psychiatric/PTSD service dogs.



Mother-Daughter team committed to healing and hope for SA survivors. We believe hope has 4 paws. PTSD service dogs help those suffering from extreme trauma improve their lives at work, home, in interpersonal relationships, social interactions, and in general day-to-day life.


"Regular life" is made possible with professionally trained service dogs.

Our heart is to spread awareness, share resources, and be a source of financial support for SA survivors who need service dogs.


The Focus of Our Efforts

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Financial Assistance

Initial donations are to cover Sadie's PTSD/Psychiatric Service Dog. Then we are establishing an assistance program for SA survivors in need of a service or support dog.

We are creating a Library of Resources for SA survivors and families supporting SA survivors with a special focus on professionally trained PTSD/psychiatric service dogs.

Connecting Survivors and Trainers

Coming Soon

data base of psychiatric service dog trainers who work with SA survivors


Donations accepted through GoFundMe.

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